The «simple steps guide» to get CINDA start working (English)

Some people ask us about CINDA for their own projects and campaigns. Of course, it can be used (and we are happy about it). Here’s a list of what needs to be done to start (I transcribe directly one of our mail responses 🙂

1. Download and/or install CINDA WordPress plugin:

2. Configure some basics parameters (including a Google API Key for Android, in order to maps be showed, if needed):


3. At this time, you can test if the API is working, calling:


you should get a JSON similar to this


4. Now, you should create a campaign:


Complete basic data like title, long and short description, images, dates…

5. Add fields to your model:


6. Test a little the API:



If all is OK (if not, let me know), you can download the Android App ( , and add your server.

The published App points to by default, but you can (if you know 🙂 to compile a custom version from source (it’s open source, like the server). If you want, we could do this for you (we could also personalise, logotypes, colours, and so…), and publish a customized App to Google Play. Depending on the amount of effort into this work we could pass a budget (or not 🙂 ).

Please, let us know your experience with CINDA (plugin for WordPress and Android client App) in your own projects and campaigns of citizen science (or maybe, another campaigns of data collection).

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